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Norman Island

Your first day of sailing in the British Virgin Islands will take you south to Norman Island where you will anchor in The Bight. This island is famous for the floating restaurant Willie T, a replica of a wooden schooner 93 meters high, but also for being the home of Treasure Point caves, a fascinating place to snorkel. Just north of Norman Island are Pelican Island and the island of the indians, four pinnacles of rock considered one of the best places for snorkeling and diving in the area.

Cooper Island
After only a short trip on the Sir Francis Drake channel, naturally protected from strong tides, you will reach Cooper Island. Salt Island, which is located to the west, has very good moorings to go during the day, where one can do swimming and diving before arriving in the afternoon / evening to Manchioneel Bay, main bay of Cooper Island (it is recommended to arrive early since there is a lot of demand and moorings are limited).

Virgin Gorda
Your itinerary will take you northeast to the beautiful island of Virgin Gorda, the second largest island of the British Virgin Islands after Tortola. About 5 nautical miles from Cooper Island, at the western end of Virgin Gorda, you will come across a rock formation known as The Baths, a fascinating mix of rocks, some of which form interesting caves to go exploring. The next day, you can visit the northern part of the island where you will come across North Sound, where you will find a large number of marinas, resorts, restaurants, and scenic anchorages, as well as Bitter End Yacht Club, famous throughout the Caribbean for its nautical charm. Many cruise ships choose to stay at least two days to enjoy the charm of Bitter End.

The fifth day will demand the largest transfer of the entire voyage when you have to travel the 14 nautical miles that separate the north of Virgin Gorda from the island of Anegada. This island is known for hosting an interesting fauna both terrestrial and marine, this is because it is surrounded by the Horse shoe Reef, one of the main coral reefs of the Caribbean and the world.

Marina Cays
Worthy of a painting, the beauty of Marina Cay is impressive. It is recommended to also visit Trellis Bay and enjoy its large number of shops and restaurants. Another interesting option is to head towards The Dogs where the diving is spectacular. Finally, there is the picturesque Cane Garden Bay, which is considered by the residents of Tortola as the most beautiful on the island, with its crescent shaped beach of fine white sand complemented by a backdrop of lush palm trees. A series of night spots are located right on the beach where you can dance, dine and enjoy a good cuisine.

Jost Van Dyke
Your last day can be spent on the exotic island of Jost Van Dyke. It is recommended to stop in the vicinity of Sandy Cay to snorkel and enjoy a delicious lunch. There are five mooring places on the island, each with its own special charm. Peaks over 300 meters high rise into the sky from the shore of the main port, home to Foxy, one of the most famous restaurants in the Caribbean.

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