Majorca, Spain

Majorca, Spain


Placed in the core of the west Mediterranean, Majorca is the biggest island of the Baleares. It gives the sailing lovers a great opportunity considering its countless coves and yachting ports.


  • Tour around “cuevas del dragón”
  • Visit Cabrera National Park
  • Have lunch in the restaurant Sa Foradada (entrance through sea only)
  • The youngest may visit Magaluf beach with very thin sand and a cheerful night life

Itinerary 1
7 days

Day 1Palma

Before boarding, tour around the cobblestone streets of Palma city. The gothic cathedral “La Seu” certainly worth a visit. You will sleep on board in the port, which is surrounded by outstanding restaurants to have dinner.

Day 2Cala Pi

Your first stop will be at the south in Cala Pi, a perfect choice to relax and enjoy the incredible beaches of clear water. You will have the opportunity to practice some water activities, such as snorkel and stand up paddleboard.

Day 3Saint Jordi

Sail in the morning to Sant Jordi colony. Enjoy the White-sand and crystal-water beaches. Get to know the “Es Carbo” and “Es Trenc” beaches attended regularly by the Spanish royal family. Anchor by Night between the isles of Gabina and Redona.

Day 4Figuera Cove

On the way to Figuera Cove, behold the coast of colorful fishing towns. Figuera Cove is known as “The little Venice”. Enjoy a peaceful and natural environment as you have lunch near the yachting port.

Day 5 Cabrera National Park

When starting your tour around the National Park, explore some less-crowded coves such as “Des Moro”, this can become the best opportunity to go diving. During your stay in Cabrera enjoy the surrounding water sanctuary, walk around the caves and XIV century castles.

Day 6Sa Rapita

Find the port town of Sa Rapita, located to the west of Colonia. Go to “S´arenal” Beach that extends to Ses Covetes town. It is an excellent option for those loving Windsurf.

Day 7Palma

Coming back to Palma, you will have the opportunity to visit the “Cap Blanc” cliffs, tour around the lighthouse and the walk around the coves such as “Cap Falco” or “Des Cap d’Alt”.

Itinerary 2
14 days

Day 1under construction

Itinerary 3
one way

Day 1under construction


Maritime Conditions

General conditions 

With more than 300 sunny days every year, Mallorca and the surrounding Balearic Islands are ideal for sailing almost all year. Shoulder seasons, specifically April-May and September-October, are the ideal travel times when crowds are minimal and warm breezes dominate the area around Ibiza and the south of Mallorca.

Historical weather (Averages by month):


Sailing is calm with warm breezes in June and sea winds in summer.

Weather Forecasts

Client can obtain the weather situation at any time by listening to the maritime weather forecasts. Weather updates are given hourly during severe weather.

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