Dalmatian Coast, Croatia

Dalmatian Coast, Croatia

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The Croatian coast has become the principal attraction of the country. Full of islands with white-sand beaches combined with ancient forts make Croatia be the current unique and trendy destination of the Mediterranean.


  • Book a reservation in a wine tasting in one of the several prized vineyards of Peljesac peninsula.
  • Go hiking or ride a bike across Mljet and Hvar isles
  • Visit the Medugorje Virgin
  • Taste the local wines of the islands
  • Don’t prevent yourself of doing a city tour around Dubrovnik and have some drinks in Buza Bar where you can enjoy a great view. (for itineraries including Dubrovnik)

Itinerary 1
7 days

Day 1Split/ Trogir

Start your journey in Trogir or Split city. Sail towards Milna in Brac island. This mountain island has the highest peak of the Adriatic sea. Tour around the small city of Milna where you will find the city cathedral and visit the port known as the “thousand boats bay” .

Day 2Vis

Sail towards the Vis island in the morning. This island has two important towns you have to go. Vis is famous for having great vineyards and to be a wonderful destination for those loving snorkel.

Day 3Komiza

Keep on going with your journey, sail shortly towards Komiza city. You will find some beaches to walk around such as: “Stoncica”, “Mala Travna” or “Stiniva Bay”. Besides, you will be able to explore very closely the famous blue caverns of Bisevo.

Day 4Lastovo

You will experience the longest sailing from Komiza to the faraway Lastovo. You may stop in “Zaklopatica” bay and choose the well-known menu “Skrpina” for lunch. It has also a hidden port “skrivena Luka” used by pirates in oldest times.

Day 5 Korcula

Start a short sailing towards Korcula island, known as “Mini Dubrovnik” for being an enchanting city full of history including Marco Polo’s place of birth. You will be able to tour around the vineyards, olives and its small beaches with some caverns.

Day 6Hvar

It takes around 4 hours sailing to reach Hvar city from Korcula . This is the biggest city of the island and the cultural center of the area. We suggest arriving early if you want to land in the city’s pier. Alternatively, you can land in the yachting port Palmizana in the hell’s island, just in front Hvar city. It is a great attraction to walk around the fort in the peak of the mountain.

Day 7Split/ Trogir

Reaching the end of the tour around the dalmatian cost, go back to the city Split or Trogir. Explore the medieval walled city of Trogir, presenting an architecture of XIII century, and don’t get lost in the Benedictine monastery of Saint Nicholas.

Itinerary 2
14 days

Day 1under construction

Itinerary 3
one way

Day 1under construction


Maritime Conditions

General conditions 

April – May: occasional showers, temperatures from 22-28 C. Winds generally NW F3-4 (10-20 Knots, sometimes up to 25 Knots). June – August – sunny, blue skies every day, temperature from 26 – 30 C. Winds generally NW F3-4 (10-20 Knots).
Sept – Oct: occasional showers (rain possible in late Oct). Winds generally NW F3-4 (10-20 Knots), but can be stronger in Oct (up to F 5-6).

Historical weather (Averages by month):


In the Eastern Mediterranean, the tidal range is very small: 30 cm to 60 cm (one to two feet depending on location) including the variation of level due to atmospheric pressure and dominant winds.

Weather Forecasts

Client can obtain the weather situation at any time by listening to the maritime weather forecasts. Weather updates are given hourly during severe weather.

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