What knowledge should I have in order to rent a private boat?

In case you want to crew your own boat you must fill out a simple form with your previous experience, no matter if you own a nautical card. Once completed, send it to us and within 24 hours we will answer if you are authorized to crew on your own the selected boat. However, compulsory licensing is required in some destinations where you are willing to navigate.

It is essential to consult with MYC if your navigation license or permit is valid in the navigation area. For example, in the case of renting a boat in Croatia, a license of VHF (Certificate of Restricted Radio Telephony), is also obligatory, although many licenses have already integrated the VHF. In the case of a service with a captain on board there is no need for any previous experience.

What is the maximum number of people?

It depends on the boat. In general, the maximum capacity of the largest boats not requiring a crew is around 12/14 people. In cases with a permanent crew there are boats of up to + 30 people.

Is my boat insured?

All the boats offered by MYC are insured, with franchises for damage to the vessel itself and against all damages to third parties. You may be required to pay a deposit. This deposit is the amount of deductible insurance, which will not be reimbursed in case of damage to the boat.

It will also be possible to subscribe to a bond insurance (damage waiver). With this insurance, you can eliminate the aforementioned risk and cover much of the boat, and in case of an unexpected event such as damage to the boat, almost the whole of the bond will be reimbursed. MYC recommends to its consumers to subscribe to this insurance if possible.

Is there a cancellation insurance?

Cancellation insurance can be requested (not required and paid per person). It allows a refund of 100% of the money in case of canceling the trip for force majeure circumstances.

Rent: What is included and not included?

The prices indicated on the MYC website are indicative. Availability and final price of the boats will be sent with a request for quotation. Our prices include rental of the boat with all the electronic and security equipment, as well as the auxiliary boat for sailboats and catamarans of 35 or more feet. It also includes all instructions for departure, navigation guides and technical support of the base.

It is usually not included in our charter/rental prices: fuel, final boat cleaning, food, transportation, travel costs from/to the base, port rates, mooring cost, and tourist charges. Ask an MYC representative for an estimate of these costs to fit the budget.

Depending on the base and the boat, there may be mandatory options to add to the price. The list of these options is visible on every budget. Generally, it is the cost of the final cleaning of the ship and its consumables (gas, batteries, kitchen cloths, etc.).

You can also subscribe to other options to improve the rent: paddleboard, outboard motor out of the auxiliary boat, sheets, towels, full board, skipper, BBQ, etc.

To know the total cost of the rent add to the rental price the options (obligatory or not) and the cost of fuel, mooring, and food.

How does a cabin rental work?

MYC proposes the boarding of certain boats with a full crew and cabin rental. No nautical permit or competence is needed. The cabins are usually for one or two people and have a private bathroom. On board, you will be welcomed by a professional crew, the skipper, who takes care of maneuvers and navigation, as well as the hostess who takes care of the comfort of passengers and prepares meals. Some cruise ships do not have a hostess or full board included. It is necessary to check all the options with the commercial service.

How can I be sure that my boat will be waiting in the harbor in good condition?

Our job is to select the best boats for your charter between more than 150 destinations. We work only with professional rental companies that meet our quality and service standards and who have signed up as collaborating charters. We are continually reviewing their bases and their fleets. In this way, we can guarantee that they have financial strength and maximum reliability.

In the case that your boat is not in the agreed conditions, due to damage in a previous charter, for example, we will offer you a similar or better one, or the reimbursement of your rent.

What are the payments I will have to make to confirm my reservation?

To confirm a boat rental, you must inform your MYC advisor to put an option (boat lock) for a certain period of time until we receive your deposit.

The reservation will be considered finalized when this deposit is received (by bank transfer, World Pay payment system or credit card), from 30% to 50% of the total of the charter. A payment of 100% of the charter will be required for any charter less than 1 month in advance.

The total payment shall be made, no later than one month before shipment, either directly to the base or to MYC. Mandatory extras and options will usually be paid at the destination. Be sure to check with your advisor or the head of the base before departure.

How does the rent with a skipper work? What about a hostess?

In case you want to use the services of a skipper, be sure to inform your MYC advisor. All the skippers we offer have the right certifications. They usually are fluent in English, and if you have a special request regarding the skipper, we suggest you to speak to your advisor as soon as possible.

You will continue being in charge on board, but the skipper will be responsible for boat navigation and safety. Feel free to participate in the maneuvers, the skipper will be glad to teach you the basics of navigation.

At bedtime, the skipper will need to sleep on board in a separate cabin or in the common area (lounge). Obviously, you will have to consider his/her meals, like the other team members.

Regarding the price of the skipper, it is between about 150 to 300 euros per day depending on the destination.

Please note that the skipper is not in charge of cooking or cleaning. If you consider it necessary you can hire a hostess, or a chef to prepare meals, clean the room, the cabins or make sure that everything is tidy on the boat.

How to hire the airport transfer to the boat and the provisions on board?

At the end of your booking, your advisor will help you with the details of your arrival to make the reservation of a taxi or minibus that will be sent by the base and will take you to the boat (service paid in destination).

Regarding the provisions, some supermarkets have a delivery service aboard the ship. Some rental companies can also send you a complete list of supplies so they can be delivered on board upon arrival. Seek advice from your MYC representative.

What are the days and times of boarding and landing?

In the Mediterranean Sea, most sailboats or catamarans are always rented from Saturday to Saturday, for a simple reason: optimization of their agendas.

Check-in is usually done on Saturday afternoon. The head of the base will usually ask you to return to port the following week, Friday night to be ready for landing on Saturday morning. The technical team and the cleaning team will need to prepare the boat for the following clients. The reason for reducing the half-day period is the necessary time to prepare the boat.

In other destinations such as the Caribbean, it is not strictly necessary to rent 7 days from Saturday to Saturday and schedules can be from 12pm to 12pm. Also, it is usually taken in the afternoon spending the first night in the marina and checking out in the morning, without being necessary to sleep the last night at the base.

What is the minimum travel time?

In general, it is 5 days for all destinations and 7 days for the Mediterranean in high season (July and August). In the case of riverboats, the minimum is 3 days and in the case of day charters, the minimum can be only 4 hours.

What about the rental itinerary?

Once you have booked, be sure to define with your crew an itinerary suitable for your route in advance. Ask your MYC advisor for a suggested itinerary for 7-or 14-day rentals. Keep in mind that your itinerary may undergo modifications depending on weather conditions and wind, but it is better to have an idea of the itinerary to follow and the stops to anticipate the provisions. If you are sailing with a professional skipper, the ideal is to plan it together. We recommend you to follow the advice of the skipper as he knows the navigation area and the anchorages.

How much time in advance should I have to book?

It is recommended to book as early as possible. Due to the price structure of the companies, the sooner one reserves the greater the possibility of getting the boat one wants at the best price. The difference in price, of the SAME boat, can be up to 15% when booking with little anticipation. It is recommended to do so with more than 3 months in advance.

Is there room for the suitcases inside the boats?

There is no room to spare, in the boats space is limited. There is also no need to worry as there is usually a place in each base where you can leave all the suitcases locked and take only the clothes you need.

What happens in case of cancellation?

In the event of a cancellation, you must anticipate your MYC advisor as soon as possible.

-In case of booking a cabin, whatever the cause, cancellation fees will be: up to 90 days before boarding: 25% /// from 89 to 60 days: 50% /// from 59 to 30 days: 75% /// from 29 days to shipment: 100% of the booking amount.

-In case of boat rental, the first payment is retained by the base. However, if the boat is finally rented for that period, the first payment is returned. We advise our clients to subscribe to a cancellation insurance.