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British Virgin Islands

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The British Virgin Islands are a group of more than 40 Islands in the Caribbean Sea. With high temperatures throughout the year and white sand beaches with crystal clear water, this is the “Capital” of the yacht charter in the Caribbean.


  • Explore the caves of "The Baths" in Virgin Gorda
  • Kitesurf in Anegada
  • Do not miss snorkeling in "Cister Point"
  • For those who are experienced diving in "The Indians" is a must
  • Try the famous PainKiller drink from Soggy Dollar Bar in Jost Van Dyke

Itinerary 1
7 days

Day 1Norman Island

Sail towards the south of Norman Island during the first day, and land in “The Bight”. This is well known to be the hearth of the caverns “Treasure Point”, an excellent place to snorkel. Other points of interests may be Pelican Island and Indian Island.

Day 2Peter Island

Peter Island owns incredibly good-health beaches, with barely no tourists. If you are looking for peaceful places to rest and enjoy the beaches you can walk around “Whelk Bay”, “White Bay” or “Key Bay”.

Day 3Cooper Island

Tour around the channel Sir Francis Drake while sailing towards Cooper Island. You will discover several places to go and practice several water activities. We remind to dive in and if you wish to snorkel, we recommend Cister Point. 

Day 4Virgin Gorda

Sail towards Virgin Gorda making a short stopover in Fallen Jerusalem to snorkel. We recommend visiting “The Baths” in Virgin Gorda, a fascinating blend of rocks shaping caverns. Other islands you can walk around are “The Dogs” or “Eustatia Sound” where you can land by night.

Day 5 and 6Anegada / Marina Cay

very interesting fauna not only the ground fauna but also the sea fauna. You will find here “Horse Shoe Reef” one of the main coral reefs worldwide. This island is famous to have the best lobster of the area. We recommend staying a day or two and go sailing to Marina Caynin during the sixth day.

Day 7Cane Garden Bay / Jost Van Dyke

You can visit the exotic island Jost Van Dyke during the last day. We recommend stopping near “Sandy Cay” or “Sandy Spit” to snorkel. Foxy´s is one of the most famous restaurants of the Caribbean. On Sundays locals host very exciting parties.

Ask about the opportunity to draw an itinerary departing from Tortola or directly from St Thomas (USVI).

Itinerary 2
14 days

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Itinerary 3
one way

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Maritime Conditions

General conditions 

During the winter months (Nov. to Jan) the wind is from the northeast at 15-20 knots. The Christmas winds can produce 25-30 knots for several days at a time. In February the winds move to the east and by June it changes to the southeast at 10-15 knots. September & October the trade winds are at its weakest and the weather can be less settled. By November the high pressure system around Bermuda starts to stabilize and 15-20 knot breezes become the norm.  Local seas are “relaxed” seas and generally in the 3-4 foot range.

Historical weather (Averages by month):


In the British Virgin Islands, the tide range is very small: 12 inches – 18 inches (one to two feet) including the variation of level due to atmospheric pressure and dominant winds.

Weather Forecasts

Client can obtain the weather situation at any time by listening to the maritime weather forecasts. Weather updates are given hourly during severe weather.

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