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Everyone assumes that renting a private yacht to get to know the most exotic places in the world is something impossible to get to … You will be surprised that this is not the case. Next, we will explain you why it is more convenient to rent a yacht and navigate the seas discovering cities and islands that you never thought you could even reach …

If we think about traveling to exotic destinations, the first thing we think about is our economy, how we are going to stay in luxury hotels, how much time we will spend traveling from city to city and not even talking about how much we should calculate $$ in meals and extra expenses on things we would like to do. All these thoughts when coordinating our holidays are of great importance as on that depends how much time we can travel, generally these “expensive” trips oblige us to get to know fewer cities than we might want to or directly spend less time traveling. If we also want to travel through the islands that surround big cities we must also take into consideration the time and costs involved in transfers which makes our budget even more expensive.
To understand exactly what it means to travel by yacht, we must ask ourselves what do we want to do and where do we want to go?
We offer a wide variety of yachts from sailing yachts, catamarans, gulets and motor yachts that fit perfectly to the tastes and budget of every individual or group. This is a very important point to note so we will be giving further details in coming articles so that you can have all the necessary information always at hand.

This is not the only service we offer as there is also a wide variety of options that complement every yacht rental. As said before, you do not need to have nautical knowledge or know how to sail since you can hire an all-inclusive service. This service includes a captain and a cook whom might be joined by a sailor and/or assistant depending on the type and size of the yacht chartered to ensure that you only dedicate to enjoy your well-deserved vacation without having any responsibilities of cooking, cleaning or making your own drinks.

We must mention one very important aspect regarding our premiere destinations and that is that they are spread in almost every part of the world, beginning in the Caribbean and Mediterranean and as far as the South Pacific and Southeast Asia. Unlike a traditional trip, renting a yacht offers privacy and exclusivity to your vacation like no other program, not only for the fact of living on the water but also for allowing you to cross islands that are not available to everyone.

All this information at first glance seems luxurious, but the reality is that there are so many alternatives within the yacht rental that we will always find one that fits perfectly with you. Do not hesitate to ask us questions and clear your doubts, you could be happily surprised. Later we will be posting notes about destinations and itineraries, so you can better know about what the yacht rental experience is about!

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