Ionian Islands, Greece

Ionian Islands, Greece

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The Ionian Islands are located in the Ionian sea and they are one of the thirteen areas of Greece. The new touristic facilities, weather and the wonderful environment make them be a perfect place of such interest for tourists worldwide. 


  • The best months to go visit are June and July
  • Visit Zakynthos, a famous tourist destination for summer and the Solomos square, located in the front of the sea
  • Get to know “Nidri Waterfalls” in Lefkas

Itinerary 1
7 days

Day 1Corfu

Begin your journey in Corfu city. You will find some old forts such as “Saint George” palace or “La Expanada” square. You will also find countless archeologic museums and the monastery.

Day 2Ithaca

Start sailing towards Ithaca island. Globally known for the scriptures of “Homer’s odyssey”, you will find several places dedicated to the old king. Discover the Kathara Monastery where you will enjoy the view from the peak. A great opportunity to walk around Nymphs caves.

Day 3Keffalonia

Keep on going in your journey, sail towards Keffalonia , one of the biggest island of the area. You will land in Fiscardo yachting port, we recommend going for a walk around the shops and bars. You can find Efimia town near there where you can walk around “Themata” Monastery.

Day 4 and 5Lefkas

During the fourth day, you will sail Lefkas island. Lefkas Town is the core of the island where a lot of shops, bars and museums such as the “Phonograph” are located. Vasiliki is the capital of windsurf and snorkel of the area. When Sailing accorss Lefkas waters you can also reach Meganisi, Madouri y Skorpios islands, property of the family of the deceased Aristoteles Onassis.

Day 7Parga

After visiting Lefkas begin sailing towards Parga. This town becomes an excellent option to practice snorkel, diving, and other water sports usually seen in the area. It is commonly a well-recommended island to enjoy a great vacations with children.

Day 7Corfu

During the last day of the tour, you will get back to Corfu city where you will land in the morning.

Itinerary 2
14 days

Day 1under construction

Itinerary 3
one way

Day 1under construction


Maritime Conditions

General conditions 

The Mediterranean enjoys an average of 315 cloudless days each year. During the popular season of April through October, blue skies and warm weather prevail. Midsummer offers long evenings, glorious sunsets, gentle winds and still seas. The water temperature is about 62°F (17°C) in low season and about 78°F (26°C) in high season.

Historical weather (Averages by month):


In the eastern Mediterranean, the tide range is very small: 30 cm to 60 cm (one to two feet) including the variation of level due to atmospheric pressure and dominant winds.

Weather Forecasts

Client can obtain the weather situation at any time by listening to the maritime weather forecasts. Weather updates are given hourly during severe weather.

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