St. Martin

St. Martin


With 37 square miles and a population of around 75.000, St Martin owns a long story to be told. Tourists can be surprised when discovering that the island is French and Dutch, so the combination is unique regarding gastronomy and you will see dreaming beaches. St Barths is one of the favorite places by the jet set and it is known for the beautiful beaches, restaurants and chic bars. 


  • Enjoy the well-known French cuisine in one of the countless restaurants in the French side of St Martin
  • Walk around the streets of Gustavia and visit the luxury shops such as Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Gucci, Versace, Dolce & Gabbana y many others
  • Take the opportunity to stare at the sunsets in Baie de St Jean enjoying a cocktail in Nikki Beach or a relax day in the isolated beach Anse a Colombier or Anse du Petit Cul de Sac
  • Enjoy the peace and silence of Anguila beach, nowadays known as the best of the Caribbean

Itinerary 1
7 days

Day 1St Martin

Your first day begins in the St, Martin capital, Marigot Bay. You will find a great variety of restaurants, bars and stores in its wide market. If you arrived early, we recommend visiting the most famous beach “Orient Beach”, a wonderful opportunity for those loving water sports as windsurf, ski or wakeboard.

Day 2Anguilla

Sail towards Anguilla island which owns around 25 virgin beaches where you can relax at “Rendez Vouz Bay” or take a walk around the small towns as “Sandy Ground”. You can savor a good lunch or dinner in Johnno’s. you will see in the far bay of “el Capitan” some dolphins playing with the waves.

Day 3Grand Case

Coming back to St. Martin, walk around “Grand Case”. It is not only one of the most known beaches of the area but also it has a wonderful gastronomic option. Enjoy an incredible dinner with sea-view in “Grand Beach Club”.

Day 4Anse Colombier

Sail towards St. Barths more precisely towards Anse Colombier bay, a complete virgin bay with neither no restaurants nor bars. You may explore the St Barths reserve and practice all kind of water activities such as diving or snorkel.

Day 5 and 6Gustavia

Saint Barths is a volcanic island surrounded by Surface reefs. Gustavia, the capital is well known to be one of the most luxury and outrageous island of the Caribbean. The main port is surrounded by luxury shops and French restaurants.

Day 7St. Martin

On the way back to St. Martin you can sail towards “Great Bay” where you will find a great nightlife or choose to visit other places in Tintamarre island, well known to have a beautiful natural reserve.

Itinerary 2
14 days

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Itinerary 3
one way

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Maritime Conditions

General conditions 

The Leeward Islands that include the island of St Martin are constantly cooled by trade winds, so it’s comfortable to visit them at any time of the year. The average temperature is 80°F (26°C) and rainfall totals an average of 45 inches (1143 mm) yearly.

Winds are the Easterly Trades generally at 10 to 20 knots, lighter in the summer months, during the hurricane season, between August and September. The stronger Christmas winds blow for a couple of weeks in winter and can be up around 25 to 30 knots. During these couple of weeks a north-east swell is dominates above 8–9 ft.

Historical weather (Averages by month):


The tidal range is very small: 30 cm to 60 cm (one to two feet) including the variation of level due to atmospheric pressure and dominant winds.

Weather Forecasts

Client can obtain the weather situation at any time by listening to the maritime weather forecasts. Weather updates are given hourly during severe weather.

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